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If you want to get fancy, you can run Windows 10 in a virtual machine under Windows 7 (I have done this).    But this all depends on what Intuit means by  "not supported"; if it means "we are going check for win 7 to make it not run at all" that's pretty extreme;  but if its "we won't even try to support you if you are running on windows 7", then is likely not to actually block people from using it.  Considering that Intuit has not fixed some basic usability problems in the 10 years I've been using it, I doubt they are going to make any significant code changes in the normal course of development to make it NOT work on Win 7.   As of today, I see that independent stats show windows 7 hold 31% of the windows install base (win10 58%, Win 8.1 only 6%).  Seems like a bad business decision to cut off sales to that segment of the market. Plus, Microsoft does patch OSs after the support ends, if the issue is severe; Win XP was patched in May 2019.