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@ terrygordonweller wrote:

Been in the process of moving so have had my hands full. Still need to get this cleared up. All I know is that it was rejected but do not know why and can't get in to fix it.

I'll tell you how to open the return back up at the end of this posting, but you need to know what to fix.  If you didn't get the email about the rejection reason, also check your spam/junk folders or other email accounts.   Otherwise, TurboTax Support can tell you the reason.


When you log into your Online account, if the "Fix My Return" link is not working, we can tell you how to get help from TurboTax Support, and they can tell you the reason that the efiled return rejected.


You previously said something about paying an extra $60 for a tax expert.   I then left you a comment above, which told you how to reach a live tax expert if you indeed purchased the Live product.  I'll also link to a FAQ below with the same info.   If you did not purchase that Live option or have any trouble with it, then I'd use the second FAQ below, which is for general TurboTax Support. 


Hours for both types of Support are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday


FAQ:  How do I connect with a tax expert in TurboTax Live?


Otherwise, you can phone general TurboTax Support for help.   They can tell you why the efiled return rejected.


FAQ: What is the TurboTax phone number?


Here's how to open the return back up, but it sounds like you don't know what to fix.   So you'll need to find that out from TurboTax Support first.


Log in and if the "Fix My Return" link isn't working, then choose tax year 2018 and the link "Add a State."     (That doesn't really add one, but just opens your return back up.)   Then you can make any corrections and resubmit the efile.

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