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we all know the end of life story. but consider how many people would have to replace or upgrade there win 7 computers. in some cases they will be able to upgrade to W10, others won't, which means buying a new computer and probably a lot of other software if such is even available any more. I have a lot of custom designed and off the shelf software which won't run on 10 and the cost to replace it is substantial. Some can not be replaced and I need them for my businesses. I will not spend money just to be able to prepare returns using TT pc version. Intuit can do as it wants, but then I'll be looking at H&R Block or other tax software so see if it will run on 7. I use the pc version and from what I saw win 7 will still work if you use the online versions. the reason I use the pc version is i have many family members for which I prepare their returns - cheaper that paying to establish an online account for each - none of which can use the free version. Intuit should consider how many customers it could loose if it carries through with its plan not to support PC version of TT using win 7.
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