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terrygordonweller wrote:

Have been trying for weeks to fix but when I hit fix my return, nothing happens. Tried paying extra $60 for expert help but that isn't working either. In the process of selling and moving right now and would like to get this fixed. Can't get into return to find out what's wrong?


You didn't mention any clue as to what the issue is.   Does it have to do with the 2017 AGI or something else?    What is the rejection error code or message?


"Can't get into return to find out what's wrong?"


To open an already-filed return that rejected, look at the Tax Home or in the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents" and find a link that says "Add a State."   That doesn't really add one, but opens the return back up.


"Tried paying extra $60 for expert help but that didn't work either."


Does that mean you upgraded to Live TurboTax?   What product are you using-- is it Live Deluxe at 119.99?   That's $60 more than regular Deluxe, so I would guess that may be it.   If so, see the following on how to contact a tax expert.  By the way, with that feature you also get a review of your return prior to filing, which they will sign, if you wish to schedule a review as well.


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