I got married on 9/29/15. I filed Head of Househol...
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I got married on 9/29/15. I filed Head of Household for that year. I have children. But, now I am having trouble with financial aid at my school.

The school said that the govn’t said 2 the financial aid office that they can't give loans because I filed HOH (even though I didn't get married until September 29). If I can file HOH for that year can you please provide as much information and evidence as possible to pass onto the school? Is there someone that I can talk to that can help if I'm able to file HOH for that year?

Also, for 2016 tax year, what can I file as? I have three children and my husband doesn't have an income. What is the best way I can file for that year? I pay for everything.
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