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Will I be charged 39.99 whether I pay now with my card or allow them to take it out if my refund?

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You appear to be using Free Edition.  What fee do you need to pay?  Did you upgrade to PLUS for 29.99?

If you choose to pay any TurboTax fees out of the Federal refund, that has an additional 39.99 service fee (44.99 for California filers).  You can avoid that extra 39.99 service fee by paying upfront with credit/debit card or a prepaid debit card you can buy in a store.

So if you have PLUS and chose to pay out of the Federal refund, your fee would be 29.99 + 39.99 = 69.98, plus possible sales tax.  (74.98 for California filers.)

If you already chose to pay out of the refund, here's how to properly remove it and pay upfront, depending on your location:

 Non-California filers:

California filers (where that payment option is part of "Premium Services.")

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