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ScheduleA Line 17

One Schedule A Line 17, TT says if over $250 see instructions. How do I do that? I googled and instructions don't say anything about donations over $250-only over $5009. How do I resolve this. TT says there is an issue.

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Per 2017 Instructions for Schedule A (Form 1040) Line 17 Page A-9:

Gifts of $250 or more. You can deduct a gift of $250 or more only if you have a statement from the charitable organization showing the information in (1) and (2) next.

  1. The amount of any money contributed and a description (but not value) of any property donated.
  2. Whether the organization did or did not give you any goods or services in return for your contribution. If you did receive any goods or services, a description and estimate of the value must be included. If you received only intangible religious benefits (such as admission to a religious ceremony), the organization must state this, but it doesn't have to describe or value the benefit.

In figuring whether a gift is $250 or more, don't combine separate donations. For example, if you gave your church $25 each week for a total of $1,300, treat each $25 payment as a separate gift. If you made donations through payroll deductions, treat each deduction from each paycheck as a separate gift. See Pub. 526 if you made a separate gift of $250 or more through payroll deduction.

You must get the statement by the date you file your return or the due date (including extensions) for filing your return, whichever is earlier. Don't attach the statement to your return. Instead, keep it for your records.