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I received a 1099-k from lyft with gross income in California but I worked part in Texas and was not split. is it ok for me to split accordingly?

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Yes, it is ok to allocate (split) the Lyft income that you made in California from the Lyft income that you earned in Texas (if you were not a resident of California when you earned the income). You would enter the entire income amount in your federal return and when you complete your California part-year state return TurboTax will give you an opportunity allocate (split) the income that was only earned in California.  Since Texas doesn't have a state income tax then you would not file a Texas state return, however you must indicate in the Personal section of TurboTax that you earned income in 2 different states so that your part-year California return will allow you to split the income and so you won't be taxed in California on income that you earned in Texas.

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