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Yes, you can correct this by reviewing your answers to the interview questions under Nanny Tax.

On the screen "State Information" where you enter the state unemployment taxes you paid, be sure you did not enter more than $7,000 in the box for "State Taxable Wages" (see screenshot below - click to enlarge). If you owed or paid zero taxes, enter zero for those boxes.

On the screen "Wages for FUTA," enter a maximum of $7,000 in the box for "Total Wages Subject to FUTA" (screenshot #2).

If you don't see one or the other of these screens, go back and check/uncheck the boxes on the page "Unemployment Tax Information" (screenshot #3) until you are able to enter $7,000 or less for both State and Federal unemployment wages.

Now check Schedule H-T in Forms Mode. Section A should be complete and Line 16 should reflect the correct amount of FUTA tax on a maximum of $7,000 of wages.

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