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TT Home and Business filled more than 7000 for wages subject to FUTA for nanny tax

I am completing the section for Nanny Tax under Other Tax Situations in TT Home and Business 2017.

TT asks me for wages subject to social security tax and medicate tax. The ampunt is about 30,000. I filled that. I am in CA so I checked the boxes accordingly on subsequent screens.

However when I look at the "forms View", TT shows a FUTA tax of about $1500 on Schedule H. This looked high and the issue I found is that on line 20 of schedule H, TT has filled in the entire 30k as wages subject to FUTA instead of 7000. 

Seems from IRS that only 7000 should be filled for FUTA tax wages. https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc759.

Where do I fix my entries in TT Home and Business to get correct schedule H calculations?