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By mistake I selected Filing as mail, now i want to efile

by Mistake i selected tax filing by mail but now i want to efile. But th dashboard doesn't allow me to file . what should i do ?
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If you haven't already mailed your 2016 paper return, you can switch to the e-filing method (through October 17, 2017). Some states now require e-filing their returns, and federal and state returns must be e-filed together.

On the other hand, if you already mailed your return, don't e-file. This can cause problems with the government, including refund delays.

If you wish to change how you'll file your taxes in TurboTax, follow the steps below for either the TurboTax Online or TurboTax CD/Download version.


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Change from file-by-mail to e-file?

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

@ericadubey wrote:

Change from file-by-mail to e-file?

NOTE:  This answer assumes you did not actually mail the return, i.e., that it has not been filed.


If you haven't actually filed at all, you can open the return interview back up, make any corrections if needed, and change the filing method.  


  • Log into your account, and at the Tax Home or in the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents" for 2020, look for a link "Add a State."
  • Click on "Add a State."  (That doesn't really add one; that's just to open the return.)
  • Once the return is open, you can make any changes in your return if needed, since it has not been filed.
  • Then go through the REVIEW section to be sure everything is still in order.
  • Then go to the FILE section, go through the screens there, and change the filing method to efile.
  • Then continue on answering all the remaining screens and at the final step click a big orange button "Transmit Returns Now."

This FAQ may also have some info that will help:

FAQ:  How do I change from mail to efile in Online TurboTax?