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Legal Fees for immigration matters are generally not deductible on your Tax Return. Now if you obtained your residency specifically for work purposes, for example your Employer in Mexico offered you a Job in the U.S. but you had to pay out of pocket for the legal fees to obtain the proper immigration status, then yes, these legal fees are deductible. Legal fees are deductible when they are used for representation in a Tax related issue or for an ends to produce Taxable Income.

Additionally legal fees are an Itemized Deduction that is reported in Schedule A. If the sum of your itemized deductions does not exceed the amount of your Standard Deduction, Schedule A will not be beneficial to your Return.

  • Single $6,300.00
  • Married Filing Joint or Qualified Widow(er) $12,600.00
  • Married Filing Separate $6,300.00
  • Head of Household $9300.00
  • Dependent $1,050.00