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How do I find out where I entered misc income for proctoring ACT exams. It shows on the 1040 review as sch C income but I can't find it in the wages income questions.

a schedule C income and combined it with my income for proctoring SAT exams which I got an 1099 for.
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It's not "wages".

Although it may be news to you that you “have a business” (and most of the other people who get their first 1099-MISC); The IRS considers anything in box 7 of 1099-MISC to be self employment income. You entered the 1099-Misc income, at Other Common income / income from a 1099-MISC . TurboTax (TT)  completed Schedule C or C-EZ for you. You also have to pay self employment tax (social security & Medicare) on any profits greater than $400. So, TT also prepared schedule SE.

These types of payments are frequently done this way. Your "employer" is not the only one. 

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