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I've already filed my federal taxes with another company, however, they say i can't file my State tax yet.....Am i able to file my State with this company?

when will tax payers be able to file State Tax? I've always been able to file them both at the same time but not this year
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Probably not...some states won't allow any e-files until the end of the month.  Just go back to them in early Feb and finish it off.

This is not unusual anytime in January...not being able to e-file the state part, that is.  The states move around their allowed e-filing dates every year according to how ready they think they will be..and when..

If you filed the first or second week in Feb...then it's rare that a state can't be e-filed at he same time as  the Fed forms..since virtually all states are up and running by then.  

I had checked one state yesterday, and the state themselves won't even allow their own 2018 paper forms to be seen on their  online website until 31 Jan...and that is unusual (to me)


Could you do so with TurboTax?...No....e-filing the state requires that you e-file the Fed from within the same tax file and same software account. 

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