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I've never filed tax return in U.S before.

I started a small business in 2017 in state A. I moved to another state B in Jan 2018. I got a 1099-k from PayPal early 2018. The address on 1099-k is in state A.

I am now filing my tax for 2017. Should I use my current new address in state B in all forms? Will this trigger a red flag for an audit? I addition to IRS federal tax,  it would be more of a trouble when I pay local state A's tax but put my address in state B?

Or I still put my old address in state A? I've done the USPS address change on USPS web site to have all letters to my old address in state A forwarded to new one in state B. But I've heard if senders want to know recipient's real new address, they can just put a "Return Service Requested" on letter. Thus the letter may not be forwarded and returned to sender and sender is notified the recipient's new address. I wonder if IRS  may do so?

The due date April 17 is approaching. Can any one help me out which address should I use considering not increasing the probability of audit?   

Thank you!