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Full Service Tax Information Checklist

Please provide the following information to your tax expert so they can accurately prepare your 2019 tax return.

1. Changes in personal information

  • Any new dependents in 2019 along with names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers
  • Any change of address during 2019
  • A copy of last year's return along with birth dates for you, your spouse, and all dependents

2. Income documents

  • Form(s) W-2 (wages and tips)
  • Form(s) 1099:
    • 1099-INT (interest)
    •  1099-DIV (dividends)
    • 1099-R (annuity, pensions and IRA or other retirement plan withdrawals)
    • 1099-G (taxable state refunds or unemployment compensation)
    • 1099-S (real estate sales)
    • 1099-C (cancelation of debt)
    • 1099-A (abandonment or acquisition of property)
    • SSA-1099 (Social Security benefits)
    • 1099-MISC (commissions, rents, fees, consulting)
    • 1099-B (stock, bond, or other investment transactions, including purchase date and price of all securities sold)
  • Schedule(s) K-1 (income/loss from all partnerships and S corporations)
  • Self-employed income/expenses: your profit & loss statement of income/expenses arising from self-employment
  • Records of rental income and expenses: statement of income and expenses related to any rental properties

3. Adjustments to gross income

  • Contributions to retirement plans, including 401(k), traditional IRA, and Roth IRA
    • These amounts may be reported on your W-2.
  • Contributions to a health savings account
  • Contributions to college savings plans
  • 1098-E for student loan interest paid for you, your spouse, or a dependent

4. Itemized Deductions

  • Medical/Dental/Vision expenses like prescriptions, insurance premiums, doctor/dentist expenses, orthodontics, eyeglasses, or mileage for medical care
    • Only unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income are deductible. Many people will not meet this threshold, except in years of high expenses. Procedures that might cause you to exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income include surgery, childbirth, and orthodontics.
  • Home mortgage interest, home equity interest, or private mortgage insurance reported on Form 1098
  • Copy of settlement statement for any real estate you purchased or sold
  • Real estate and personal property taxes paid in 2019
  • Receipts/documentation of charitable contributions (cash and non-cash), as well as mileage and out of pocket expenses for charitable work

5. Credits

  • Child care costs paid in 2019 for a dependent child under age 13 so you could work, look for a job, or go to school
    • You must provide the name, address, and taxpayer ID for each care provider.
  • 1098-T and college tuition and fee expenses paid for you, your spouse, or dependent
  • Records of improvements made to your main home in 2019 that may qualify for the Personal Energy Property Credit. Examples include: advanced main circulating fan, air source heat pump, biomass stove, central air conditioning, electric heat pump water heater, gas oil or propane hot water boiler, gas oil or propane water heater, insulation, natural gas or propane furnace, oil furnace, roof (metal or asphalt), storm windows and doors, windows and skylights.
    • Include installation costs for all improvements except windows, doors, insulation, and roof.
    • Not all models qualify for the credit.Verify your eligibility at www.energystar.gov or with the manufacturer.
    • There is a lifetime limit of $500 for this credit. If you ever received an energy tax credit of $500 or more, you are no longer eligible.

6. Miscellaneous

  • Any federal and/or state estimated tax payments made for 2019, including dates and amounts

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