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New To Credit Cards

I have recently decided to get a credit card. I have thought about what would I use it for, and I thought about is it ever good to use credit cards for fun stuff like clothes, getting a new hair do, or going out with friends?
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New To Credit Cards

It is definitely okay to use a credit card for fun expenses, but ONLY if you already know you can pay it off in full. If you know you can use a card responsibly, and only put charges on it that you would have made with cash, you can use a card to great advantage. Many cards offer perks like miles or cash back on top of helping to build your credit score. Just make sure you can pay that charge off in full.
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New To Credit Cards

First Credit is always like an opportunity for a person if used wisely or else it can be a destroyer too ! You have to make sure you handle your credit card in a proper manner and follow the steps below:


  • Understand the terms of the card.
  • Beware of 0 percent teaser rates.
  • Play with interest rates.
  • Set a budget.
  • Pay on time.
  • Pay in full.
  • Don’t go over the limit.




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