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Level 2

Credit score

I just got married and purchased a house with my husband. Under my credit it is showing the entire mortage listed for me, is that normal?

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Level 10

Credit score

Just because the mortgage shows up under your Credit Report doesn't mean that it is only in your name. Depends on if the loan was put in both of you names (i.e. you jointly applied for the loan). Each individual has their own credit score & report so likely if you were to look at your husband's report it will show up there as well.


To see a more complete picture of your household's financial health, you can add other members to your Turbo Household and get a view of their data as well. Right now you are able to view each others Credit Scores - the full report detail will be available soon as this feature expands. You can learn more information about setting up a Household in Turbo here


Hope this is helpful!