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Credit card processing charge

At no time during my e-filing process was the handling fee expressed as a set figure. Having paid previous years via credit card, I knew there would be a processing fee, but to tag my card for $129.30 without ever indicating how big a fee was involved, I feel slighted. I have been using Turbo Tax exclusively since 2005 & was dismayrd that the 2019 version could not locate any of my previous returns. It is unscrupulous to charge such a significant handling fee without any disclosure of an amount. 

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Credit card processing charge

If you are referring to paying the federal taxes owed by credit card, the fees were disclosed on the bottom of the page when entering your credit card information.

Credit Card Fees.JPG


If you had used the IRS payment website to pay the federal taxes owed with a credit card, the payment processors also have convenience fees -