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New Member

Where do I enter 1098T information form?

I am not sure where to put amounts included in the 1098T form from VA education benefits versus College grants.
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New Member

Where do I enter 1098T information form?

1.       Open (continue) your return in TurboTax, if it's not already open.

2.       In the search box, search for 1098-T or 1098T (lower-case works also) and then click the "Jump to" link in the search results.

3.       Answer Yes to Do you want to enter your higher education expenses?

o    If you land on the Let's estimate how much you could get this year, click Skip this.

o    If you land on the Your Education Expenses Summary screen, first select Edit next to an existing student or select Add a new one before proceeding.

4.       Answer any questions that follow. After a few screens, you'll be asked if you received a 1098-T. Answer Yes and click Continue.

5.       Enter your Form 1098-T exactly as you see it, even if you think it's wrong. Here are some important tips:

o    If any boxes on your 1098-T are blank, leave them blank. Don't enter 0 (this may cause errors later).

o    If boxes 1 or 2 on your 1098-T form are wrong, enter those amounts anyway. Then click What if this is not what I paid? right below box 2 and enter the correct amount of tuition paid.

o    Don't include grants not already listed in Box 5. We'll ask about those later.

6.       Click Continue when you're done entering the information from your 1098-T. Answer any additional questions on the following screens.


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