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The money is a gift why is it asking me about a business

I get this money from my tribe twice a year since I was born it’s not a business
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Expert Alumni

The money is a gift why is it asking me about a business

Here is how to enter tribal per capita distributions in TurboTax. The amount of the distribution should be in box 3 of the 1099-MISC.

By following these steps, the income will appear on Form 1040 line 21 with the description "Indian Tribal Distrib." It's very important that it be reported with this exact description to avoid delaying the processing of your tax return. The IRS computers recognize this description and will handle the income properly.

·         Please click on Federal, on the left menu

·         Then select, Wages and Income, along the top

·         You may see a prompt for 1099MISC but if not, click on 

·         See list of all income

·         Scroll down to Other Common Income, with the money bag icon

·          Click Show More and then Start button for Form 1099-MISC

·         On the screen that says Did you get a 1099-MISC? click Yes

·         On the next screen, enter the information from the Form 1099-MISC that you received. The amount of the payment should be in box 3. After you enter the 1099-MISC information, click Continue.

·         The next screen asks you to enter a description of the reason for the 1099-MISC.  The description is up to you but  you may use something like Tribal per capita distribution.

·         The next screen asks Does one of these uncommon situations apply? Select This was a tribal member gaming payment.  Select that option even if the payment you received is not from gaming. Click Continue

·         The next screen asks whether you have another 1099-MISC. If you don't, select No and click Continue

·         This takes you to the 1099-MISC Summary. If you have no other 1099-MISC forms to add, click Done

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