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LLC returns on Mac post-Intel

So Apple has announced that they are moving away from Intel CPUs on Macintosh computers, and that all of their new models (beginning later this year) will have their own ARM CPUs.  Once they make that switch, these new Macs will no longer be able to run Boot Camp or applications like Parallels Desktop or VMWare, you will simply not be able to run PC applications on a Mac any more.


Does anyone know if Intuit is thinking about this and looking at (FINALLY) creating Mac-native versions of TurboTax for Business?  For years I've had to use Parallels to run TurboTax to do the returns for the LLC I manage, but that isn't going to work any more once it becomes time to upgrade to a new Mac.  So I'm wondering if Intuit is going to abandon their Mac business tax users or if there will be a solution.  If I need to investigate alternatives to TurboTax, I'd rather start that process long before I'm backed into a corner by circumstances.


Have there been any announcements or other feedback from Intuit on this?  Would someone from Intuit choose to comment?


One thing I know for certain is that I'm not going to purchase a PC just to run Turbotax, that is absolutely not an option.

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LLC returns on Mac post-Intel

There are, to the best of my knowledge, only two other companies that develop downloadable (installed), consumer-level, income tax preparation software for business entities (and trusts/estates); neither one supports installing and running that software on a Mac.


One of those two companies does offer an online solution so you might want to investigate that option, but then you have to prepare your business return entirely online.


I would not hold out much hope that Intuit will support installing and running TurboTax Business on a Mac at any time in the near future (in fact, I would not hold out any hope).


EDIT: You might also consider Intuit's ProConnect:

Level 12

LLC returns on Mac post-Intel

@davetroup wrote:


Once they make that switch, these new Macs will no longer be able to run ... applications like Parallels Desktop or VMWare,


Where do you get that idea?  Everything I've read says that virtualization is still going to be used, and Parallels already said they are working on it.


As for your actual question, it is VERY doubtful if Intuit will ever make a Business program for Mac.  It is an extremely small portion of their customer base (and in my opinion, people should be bringing their Partnership and Corporate returns to a tax professional anyways) and I can't imagine that Intuit will create a Mac product for it.


Personally, I view it the other way around ... Intuit isn't abandoning Mac users, it is Mac that is abandoning its users that want Boot Camp.

Level 2

LLC returns on Mac post-Intel

Thanks.... I didn't know that Parallels would continue to be able to offer a product under Apple silicon.  It remains to be seen whether that product will be fast enough to provide a reasonable user experience, I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Processor emulation is a lot different than what Parallels on Mac has to do today.


No, I don't view it as "Intuit is abandoning Mac users" because Intuit has never provided any support for Mac on the business tax product.  I was just hoping that this change might encourage them to do so.  I don't particularly enjoy having to buy an expensive piece of software every year or two just so I can run TurboTax.

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