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Mistake on my tax!!! HELP!

I made a mistake on my tax return to CRA (filed yesterday). 

I used the free version of Turbo Tax and it asked me to login to my CRA (which I did). 

Once I logged into CRA, the software automatically got my income information... except my tuition. It sort of jumped over everything... So I stupidly forgot to add in my tuition (I was a full time student for 4 month through Sept-Dec) and with that, I was given more money than I should have because of Workers Income Tax Benefit (which an individual is not qualified for if they were a full time student more than 12 weeks, and 4 month is a 16 week).  I only figured it out because I got suspicious of why I was receiving so much. 

Right now, my NOA is not out(will be out on March 25), but how do I make a change to my tax return? Is this mistake even amendable? I plan to not use a single penny on my return until it is solved and give back what I need to give... What should I do? What can I do? Will I be viewed as tax fraud? I got a panic attack today because of this 😞

Employee Tax Expert

Mistake on my tax!!! HELP!

Is this for Canada? If so, see this link

Level 3

Mistake on my tax!!! HELP!

Good luck. This is the worst version of Turbo Tax I've used. Help very hard to find.