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Do i need to ammend?



I got married on 2018, i filed jointly married for my taxes for 2018. I added all of my information but did not add my husbands 2018 taxes i remember only asking me for my husbands AGI for 2017 his name and social security number, is this enough? or am i going to have to ammend to add his 2018 tax information. 

Level 11

Do i need to ammend?

when you state 'some of his information' can you be more specific what information you are focused on?


if you failed to report some of him income, then you will have to amend 

Level 4

Do i need to ammend?

Hello, I did not add his 2018 tax information at all. When I was doing the taxes I only added the AGI For his 2017 taxes I honestly did not see anywhere to add his 2018 taxes I might of skipped the question I don't know, our taxes were accepted and the return is on its way. I figured I would have to ammend to add his 2018 information just was not sure ...
Employee Tax Expert

Do i need to ammend?

You will need to amend the 2018 return to add your spouse's information. Wait until the originally filed return is fully processed then see link below for filing instructions.

Note: The IRS has not finalized form 1040X at this time. When they do, you will see the 2018 instructions in the link below.


How to amend