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Used expired ITIN and tax return accepted



I have been filling my joined tax return with my wife ITIN number and didn't realize her ITIN expired last year and filed my 2019 return. IRS must have sent a letter but never received. IRS accepte the return and send me a letter saying it has expired so you are not eligible for certain credits and they adjusted my refund accordingly (my math says they adjusted it as individual filing).  She has a SSN as well for few year now. I called IRS and they suggested to submit letter to update ITIN with SSN to Austin, TX office. IRS told me they will also make adjustment to my 2019 tax return and correct my refund accordingly. My question is, is this the right process without filling amendment? 


It seems my stimulus payment is on hold until my 2019 refund is processed. So reaching out to community if the above process is correct? thanks!