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Unexpected fees?

So, today I received mail from Civista Bank, enclosing a list of fees and a check for my federal refund. This is odd, since I asked them to direct deposit- their claim is that it failed, which is understandable, but what isn't, is that I was not notified of this occurrence so that I could correct it.

Beyond that, I've apparently been charged $39.99, which I've come to understand that this is for paying out of my refund, instead of using a debit/credit card? This is also odd, since the order details shown on my Tax Home Dashboard, say the total is $29.99, which is the only fee I was aware that I was going to be paying- it's what I believed I paid last year as well.

Finally, there is a third fee on the list, showing as "Other" for $20.00- I have no idea what this is for. Any clues out there about what this could be?