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Tax return not received because of closed bank account

I filled my tax return for 2018 mid-January this year. The federal tax return was supposed to be through direct deposit on February 7th. The problem is that in the meanwhile my bank account got closed and I haven't received the refund still. I chose the option of Turbo getting the payment first so they can take their fees and later they send it to me.  What are my possibilities now? Is it possible to get a check and could it be sent outside the US because I've been out of the country for the last few months for work?

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Tax return not received because of closed bank account

Verify the tax return was e-filed and accepted by the IRS using this website -
If accepted by the IRS use the federal tax refund website to check the refund status -


If you requested to have the TurboTax account fees deducted from your federal tax refund, the IRS will send the refund to a third party processor to have the fees and the service charge deducted. The third party processor will deduct the TurboTax fees plus the service charge and then attempt to direct deposit the remaining refund balance into the account that you entered on your tax return.

For the status of your tax refund you will need to contact the third party processor, Santa Barbara Tax Product Group, using their website -

Tax Products Group Contact Information -