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Talked to IRS today- issue with refund batches

My husband and I file married filing separate.  He filed his return on 1/15/19 and it was accepted by the IRS on 1/16/19 with an anticipated deposit of 2/6/19.  When checking WMR it gives the error message and no bars.  If I enter my SSN it gives accepted bar and that is it.  Oddly, the original dates on TT were filed- 1/15, accepted- 1/16, deposit- 2/6.  A few days ago it changed to filed- 1/28, accepted- 1/16, deposit- 2/6.  


I had my husband call today as there has been no progress.  He spoke with someone at the IRS and they gave him an interesting answer to what is going on.  The rep told him that there wasn't anything wrong with HIS return however, they process them in batches of 100 and if there is anything wrong with any return in the batch then the whole 100 have to be re-processed.  So they said because of this his had to be redone with the others and should be no later than the first week in March, possibly sooner.  Makes me wonder if that is why the 1/15 date changed to 1/28?  I'm not sure if this is true and accurate but it was the answer he was given today.  


Thought I would share.