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Refund rejected

I filed my taxes today and it was rejected because I need my AGI from last year and last year I submitted my taxes and it was rejected as well and I didn't resend it again but decided to amend last year this year but have not amended it yet so do I still use my AGI from last year even though it went through but was rejected and I never resent it or do I enter 0 were they are asking for my AGI from last year.
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Refund rejected

1)  Because you never e-filed last year...and in fact never actually filed something by ~Oct/Nov of last year, then they do not have an AGI for you at all on their you try a zero for your AGI instead.


2)  Since you did not successfully file last year at all, you do NOT amend for that tax year.  An AMENDED tax return is only used when the IRS already has the original filing, and has processed it.  A rejected e-file is treated by the IRS as if it was never sent at all, and they save nothing from that failed just complete your tax file for that tax year (using the desktop software now), and you have to mail in that tax file for last year by taking it to the post office yourself.  sign/date attach the Federal copy of any W-2 forms you have for that year, and any other tax forms that show withholding on them. (and make sure you have printed copies of it all in your tax folder). Don't forget to use a tracking method at the PO Service Counter