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Re: Refund from Turbo Tax

Hello my name is April Berisha, and I have been using Turbo Tax every year since my husband & I got married, which was on Aug 2014 & if you don't file Injured Spouse because one of you may owe past taxes, a student loan, and etc. then the spouse that does not owe the money will lose their portion of their joint return as well.....


With that being said, as I mentioned I have been using Turbo Tax for many year's & this year they really did a number on me & my husband!  Not only did they cause us SERIOUS "HARDSHIP", BUT they also caused our bank account to be over drawn because we gave them our checking account to have our refund electronically deposited into, and took it upon themselves to go into that same account to withdraw what they believe we owe them $179.00, even though they not only did not live up to their guarantee, but when I called & spoke to their Customer Support regarding this they tried to find every way possible to blame me for filling the wrong paper, when infact I assure you the INJURED SPOUSE FORM is the very first document that I file, even before I start processing our tax return!


This year, because my husband made too much money & I was attempting to start a business so our filling status changed & we agreed to pay the $179.00, but that was with the understanding that everything would be processed correctly.  After being on the phone with your Customer Support for over an hour & going over all of the question's that would be asked on the 8379 form as apposed to the other document that somehow gets thrown out there by your system even if it shouldn't depending on the answers that you give to their question's!  I went over those question's each 1 @ a time with your employee & once we got to 1 of the last question's they insisted that it was because of an answer that I marked was the reason for the error on my part; However, I was convinced that they were not listening to the question as well as my answer correctly, so I kept repeating it over & over again until they finally comprehended that I answered every question correctly!


And after completing the entire form your employee asked me what it was that I would like to be done with my situation & let me just say this LOUD & CLEAR...."I DON'T EXPECT TO BE CHARGED FOR USING YOUR PROGRAM FOR THIS YEAR"!!


Because of your systems glitch it not only caused us HARDSHIP, BUT I literally had to contact the IRS & get assigned an ADVOCATE in-order to plea with them that this truly was not my error, but truly TURBO TAXES!  Whats even worse then the fact that they almost cost us our home, was the fact that when you look @ my tax forms for 2018 it shows the correct form in the group of our tax forms for 2018, but for whatever reason is still unclear to me it is not the same form that was sent in with our processed forms sent electronically to the IRS and for whatever reason is still unclear to us we not only have not been apologized too even though this without a doubt is their error, but then they go into an account that was given to them simply to electronically deposit our refund.  When I am asked by their Customer Support as to what I would like to be done with this situation (HELLO CAN YOU SAY, HONOR YOUR GUARANTEE), BUT as pissed off as I already am with this entire situation, that wasn't enough for TurboTax; instead, they decide to go into our bank account & cause it to be overdrawn causing me to have to waste even more of my time, by having to literally write a 5 page statement explaining to the bank the facts behind this entire episode! Then I received a reply in the mail yesterday, from the bank; explaining that because they were given our bank account there is nothing that they can do to stop this transaction from happening again.....let me just tell you Turbo Tax how much you have not only inconvenienced me & my husband, but this was actually the last straw for me! Believe me when I tell you this, because I would no sooner close out my account entirely & keep my money @ home where I have control over who has access to it, then I would sit idly by & allow you even 1 cent of our hard earned money!


Also, I want to let you know that you are as of this moment on notice & aside from an apology letter & agreement that you will not be pursuing money that you have not earned I don't want any other type of communication from you, other then what was stated above & I also want to let you know that i will be filing a complaint with the BBB against you today!


Using your program has caused us nothing but anguish & instead of doing what you promised (Money back guarantee), you made a not so complicated situation, a Nightmare for us; And, I assure you that unless you make this right we will NEVER use your program again!!




disgusted & beyond annoyed

April Berisha


p.s.  Isn't it ironic that your company does not have an easier way to dispute charges, but instead makes everything that a customer wants to do inorder to contact any type of Support is not mentioned on your site & I don't feel like wasting another hour speaking to anyone from your organization, I just want you to make this situation right!!