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Refund Advance

I was approved for a refund advance when filing my taxes, and would recieve funds WITHIN 1 HOUR of being accepted. Then I get an email from Green Dot saying that I wasn't approved. I know a lot of you guys are having the same issue. I have used Turbo Tax for all of my tax returns, but I won't be using it again. & no, I did not recieve an email from the bank saying why it was not approved. My question is did ANYONE get an advance?

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Refund Advance

I received an email saying I was approved as well as a separate email saying my returns were accepted by the IRS. Still no advance. Not sure what's going on with TurboTax. 

Refund Advance

How long ago did you get the email that they accepted the tax returns

Refund Advance

I got accepted this morning around 3. I’m in Ohio. So now waiting on the email on whether accepted or not for loan. When did you get the denial email?

Refund Advance

January 27th at 1407 EST. 


Where's My Refund on the IRS website also shows my federal return as accepted. When I filed with Turbo Tax and was approved for my advance I was told I'd have the funds within ONE HOUR of that happening so...♂️

Refund Advance

I found this information on the Turbo Tax website in the Assistant menu: 


How will I know if I'm approved for Refund Advance and how long does it usually take?

If you qualify for Refund Advance and are approved for the Turbo Visa Debit Card you’ll be notified by email of the approved amount and you’ll be able to start spending online, typically within 48 hours of the IRS accepting your return.





So it *seems* that the ONE HOUR promise only refers to the time it takes to get your TurboCard information, the actual funds take much longer to process? 

Refund Advance

I received my Federal acceptance this morning at about 3 am. I have yet to receive and email or any money in regards to the advance. I spoke with Turbo tax and they stated that I would need to call the bank that is listed on my tax return, which would be whatever bank Turbo tax uses for the card. I am going to call and see what I can come up with. 

Refund Advance

From the Turbo Tax FAQs section: 


TurboTax Assistant

TurboTax FAQ
Important offer details and disclosures about Refund Advance


If you’re receiving a federal refund, you could be eligible for a Refund Advance on a Turbo® Visa® Debit Card (card issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC). If approved, you will receive temporary card info for online use typically within 1 hour of the IRS accepting your e-filed federal return.



This seems to be where the ONE HOUR promise comes from. Ridiculously misleading!!! 

Refund Advance

I just read the small print as well and it also states depending on what forms you filed 🤦🏾‍♀️

Refund Advance

Spoke with another rep from Turbo tax. They basically said be patient; We actually have to wait 24 to 48 to receive the approval email and money. So start calling back tomorrow or thursday if you havent heard anything 

Refund Advance

Mine were accepted last night so here i am waiting for that advance that i was "pre" approved for. So if we are pre approved why are we waiting to find out if we got it or not? This is ridiculous ive use turbo tax for 8 years but after the filing costs of $120 ill just go down the road and pay the same amount at Jackson Hewitt next year...completely misleading and expensive asf. NOT HAPPY at all. I havent heard anything about anything and its very frustrating lets be honest if we didnt need to money we wouldnt bother.

Refund Advance



re: "depending on what forms you filed" 


Let me guess, everyone who filed for EIC is going to end up SOL on this advance thing even though we were all "pre-approved"? This is looking like a scam to get us to sign up for their stupid Green Dot card 😡



Refund Advance

I wouldn't have even bothered with it if i knew what i know now.

Refund Advance

Ok guys I just got mine. After I called customer service. I received the email for thr temporary card and the money had arrived. I'm happy now because I was just cursing!!!!!

Refund Advance

What number did you call?

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