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New Member

My 1040X is showing I owe more than I was told my amendment would be.

I filed my return with a typo in withholding. This caused it to reflect I'd receive a refund. It was caught and caused a delay which prompted notice from the irs. When I called them, they advised I should complete an amendment and said I should owe $XXX. When I corrected the typo in turbo tax it also showed I owed the same amount as I was told. I then went to complete the amendment after updating the typo the 1040X shows I owe $XXXX. So, I don't know what is correct. I tried to cancel it and now I just get an error when trying to access it. I know I owe something, I'm just not sure how to figure out the amount or what to do with the 1040X.
Thanks for any help!
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Level 15

My 1040X is showing I owe more than I was told my amendment would be.

Look at the form 1040X …

Column A should have the figures from the original return, Column C the corrected figures and Column B the differences between the other 2 which needs an explanation on page 2 of the form 1040X.


If you completed it correctly you will see an entry on either line 16 OR 18:

On line 16 should be the amount you paid with your original return. 

On line 18 should be the amount of your original refund you received.


Then you will see your extra refund on line 22 OR  the new balance due you need to pay on line 20.

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My 1040X is showing I owe more than I was told my amendment would be.

I'm surprised the IRS wants an amended return for a withholding error. usually, it would send out a notice showing the amounts it says are correct. then it would say if you agree with the IRS send payment in the amount of $$$$. 


as for the amended return.  did you make a payment with the original return? you must enter that because TT does not assume it was paid and does not take it into account on an amended return. exclude any amount that was paid for penalties or interest (such as underpayment of estimated tax penalty).  the IRS will send you a bill for any penalties or onterest.



New Member

My 1040X is showing I owe more than I was told my amendment would be.

Thanks for responding!

  • The original return showed a refund. The odd this is that if I add the amount I was told it would be to the original refund amount, it adds up to what the new amount on the 1040x says.  It's like what the irs lady told me was factoring in that I have a credit balance for the refund amount. But the 1040x is showing I owe the refund amount plus an extra amount.  I just don't know which is accurate. I didn't want to send them a 1040X and it show more than I actually do. If that makes sense. Sorry, it's a weird situation. 

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