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New job in different state starting May 1st: Need to start making estimated payments

Hi all, 


I recently (as of May 1st) changed jobs. I used to work in Washington D.C. and my tax payments were automatically deducted from my paycheck (W-2). As of this month I am working in New York City, and my current employer (a foreign government) does not withhold taxes. Instead I need to start paying estimated payments every quarter. I could use all of your help: since I already filed my taxes 2017 (and did not know I was going to change jobs) how do approach this new tax situation? Do I calculate my estimated taxes and just start paying (both to federal as well as NY state tax?), or do I need to change anything in my filing first? Also since I started May 1st, should I only include the estimated payment for the mont of May when the next quarterly payment is due on June 15th?


Thanks all for your help! Really appreciate it!