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Im completely lost on how to file with my uber tax info. Id like to know if anyone could walk me threw it.

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Intuit Alumni

Im completely lost on how to file with my uber tax info. Id like to know if anyone could walk me threw it.

You may have one or both of these forms from Uber.

You can download both of these forms when you are logged in to Select Tax Information at the top, and then go to the Tax Documents section.

  • 1099-K – Your driving income
  • This includes the amounts paid by riders (the gross fares for your rides), as well as fees related to that driving income, like tolls, sales tax, city fees, airport fees, split fare fees, safe rides fees, booking fees, etc. (You’ll be able to enter these items as expenses elsewhere on your return and you won’t pay taxes on them. See Related Information below.)
  • 1099-MISC
  • This includes items like referrals fees, incentives, prizes and awards, and miscellaneous income over $600.

You need to report all Uber income – whether or not you received income forms, and whether or not all of your Uber income is shown on the forms.

  • Be sure to report any referral fees, incentives, prizes and awards and miscellaneous income from Uber or any cash tips that are not reported on your 1099-K or 1099-MISC.
  • If you earned $600 or less from Uber, you may not receive a 1099-MISC--You still need to report this income.
Uber Yearly Summary

Your Yearly Summary for 2016 is also found on the Tax Information page, in the Tax Documents section, when you are signed into You can download this summary as well.

While it’s not an official tax document, the Yearly Summary includes:

  • All of the items that went into your 1099 forms and any income you were paid through Uber that was not reported on a 1099 form (for example, if you had referral fees of $500 it wouldn’t generate a 1099-MISC, but these fees would be listed on your Yearly Summary).
  • Expenses you paid to Uber like tolls, Safe Rides fees, split fare fees, etc. These expenses were taken out by Uber before they paid you. You will account for these expenses on your return – See Related Information below).
  • Your on-trip mileage and other information related to trips you completed.

The Yearly Summary gives you a better understanding of your earnings and expenses over the course of the year.

Before filing your taxes using a tax summary, verify whether you will be receiving a 1099 (1099-MISC or 1099-K).  Businesses have until January 31st to issue 1099s and are not required to issue if the total earnings are $600 or less.

Use these steps to enter your income not reported on a 1099-MISC (for example, on a tax summary when no 1099 is received, or on a 1099-K):

  • On the top row of the TurboTax online screen, click on Search (or for CD/downloaded TurboTax locate the search box in the upper right corner)
  • This opens a box where you can type in “self-employment income” (be sure to enter exactly as shown here) and click the magnifying glass (or for CD/downloaded TurboTax, click Find)
  • The search results will give you an option to “Jump to self-employment income"
  • Click on the blue “Jump to self-employment income” link
  • At this point, you can Edit the business that you have already entered, or click the Add Another Business link to enter information for a new business
  • Edit the Business Income section to see options for entering General Income
  • Under the General Income section, you can enter a Description and Amount for your income
Instructions for 1099-Misc

  1. Open your return.
     (To do this, sign in to TurboTax and click the Take me to my return button.)
  2. Search for “1099-misc” at the top. In the search results, click the “Jump to” link.
  3. Now follow the screens to enter your 1099-MISC info and answer some questions
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