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If you're under Review

Setting up this tab so people under review can list when they filled and faxed info. Any new info one might have.

Filed 1/22

Accepted 1/27


In process

Review 151

Requested Tax Advacate 2/24

Tax Advacate called back 2/28

Faxed information 2/29

Have to prove HOH and nephews lived with me for at least 6 months

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If you're under Review

Under review since 2/13. No update. 

Returning Member

If you're under Review

How do I know if I AM under review.....?

I filed on Feb 4th.  Turbo Tax says they were accepted.  

The IRS says it "can not find" my return. 

I have called like 5 phone numbers for the IRS and they either hang up on me or an automated system says they can't find my return. 


I have to pay Turbo Tax to "talk" to someone to see if there is a problem there. 

I can't seem to "talk" to anyone at the IRS. 


If you're under Review

I was told by 3 different Reps that I am under review for my wages but that no letter was being send out. Just to continue to check the wmr page. 

Filed 2/1

Accepted 2/1

Bars disappeared 2/16 (still processing)

Checked today 3/2 and its still processing....

Returning Member

If you're under Review

i been calling and haven't be able to talk with someone, how do I know if my process is on "review'?

If you're under Review

Call the IRS and ask if you should expect any letter on the mail or if you need to take action since your refund is delayed.

If you're under Review

@dewilson2023 Hey I have been following your situation and my question is (not being nasty or condescending) but how can you claim HOH in a hotel? Did you use the business' address as a home address? 


The questions when verifying the ability to use HOH ask if you did repairs and maintained the home which if in a hotel you wouldn't be able to do that. Can you ask to amend to "single" and have them process your taxes that way?


Just trying to help.



If you're under Review

Nope you're wrong. HOH stands for who paid Rent, Bills, Provides Food, Clothing, ect. You can use any address. Already spoke with IRS and Tax Advacate. It's the up keep of the home how you survive not the maintenance.

Intuit Alumni

If you're under Review

@terrelltarver Here is a article on HOH that will also help: Guide to Filing Taxes as Head of Household

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If you're under Review

I am having the same issue. I just got a letter stating I was under review and I have no idea why. I was really looking forward to getting my return this week. When I try to track my info on the IRS website it doesn't work either!

Returning Member

If you're under Review

I filed 1/29 and finally called yesterday.  After waiting an hour, I spoke to a rep that said I was under review and that I would get a letter in 21 days and after following the instructions, it would take up to 9 weeks for my refund to just be processed.    I could not understand why a letter had not already been sent so I called again today, waiting over an hour for a rep and this one, barely speaking English, informed me that a letter had gone out and I should have gotten it......I haven't received a letter as of today.  She told me it was to verify my identity and that the IRS would not process or release any funds until this was taken care of and she would send another letter which could take up to a month to receive.  Now that is different information from two different reps and not once did my status on the IRS page indicate there was an issue that I needed to be aware of or concerned about.  I also do not understand why I cannot just go to the local IRS office and prove my identity.  I filed through Turbo Tax as I always do and do not understand why I am having to prove my identity or why I wasn't notified.  When the IRS or turbo tax want their money, they want it then, but mine, they give me the runaround and will get to it when I prove what they already know.  I am beyond frustrated and everyone seems to have different answers to my questions which makes me very uneasy.

If you're under Review

Filed 1/19

Accepted 1/27 

Bars completely gone and called today and they say its under review it has been past 21 days and no letter but yet the IRS says it is being sent out smh. This is just ridiculous a couple years ago they did the same all to say i have identity theft which i have never had an issue with and now i receive a PIN to file every year and now this year the same thing. That process took months and just so stressful this is just so wrong and i feel like i am not being targeted for no reason. I was able to order transcripts so i will wait for them. Anyone have any ideas of what I should do 

If you're under Review

Any word from the irs, since you faxed your documents, I faxed mine last week and don’t have a reply yet!

If you're under Review

@Flaco1 Tax Advocate called us back and said it would be up to IRS because Mom is homeless in hotel. Makes no sense because I have paid over half of my income to my nephew's. And claimed them last year. Tax Advacate said she would call around March 27th or sooner if IRS gets back with her sooner

If you're under Review

I was under a 1 week review that turned into a 45 day review. IRS rep said ask for a tax advocate on March 9th. Forgot to ask how. Is there a number or website that can help me? Not being lazy I know someone has posted this info I just can’t find it.


filed Feb5th

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