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Help with expediting an ammended return

So my refund is on hold because of something to do with the Integrity Verification Operation. I thought a tax advocate had been working with me but she ended up closing my case for some reason and just now in the middle of October tells me to ammend my return...

She told me to write a code at the top of my ammended return and at the bottom so that it would be expidited. It started with IVO-  does anyone know the rest ? I cant find my notes! Thanks.

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Help with expediting an ammended return

Totally between You and IRS. Nobody in this public forum can or should intervene.

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Help with expediting an ammended return

The IRS Integrity and Verification Operations (IVO) group is delaying a number of taxpayer refunds to screen for identity theft and refund fraud.

Taxpayers identified by the program may receive a "4464C" letter from IVO stating that their tax return is being thoroughly reviewed so that the IRS can "ensure the accuracy of return information." The letter states that the IRS may contact the taxpayer or third parties for further information and that if the taxpayer does not hear from the IRS or receive his or her refund within 60 days from the date of the letter, the taxpayer may contact the IRS directly. Once the IRS has completed its review, it may send a full or partial refund or no refund. Whatever the decision, the taxpayer can appeal it.

The IRS has indicated that the letters are part of the screening program to combat stolen identity refund fraud and do not mean the taxpayer has been selected for audit. The IRS uses algorithms similar to a discriminate function system score to detect potential refund fraud. Certain characteristics — like whether the taxpayer is a first-time filer, is receiving a refund unusually larger than the one from a prior year or is receiving W-2 income unexpectedly — can trigger an alert to IVO to further investigate the taxpayer's return.



if it's been 60 days since receiving the   4464C letter call the iRS.    normally, if the TA said to amend, I would expect that you would have gotten a letter of proposed changes from the IRS.


you may also be able to go to IRS website and review your transcript   

New Member

Help with expediting an ammended return

@Rainman12 The point of this forum is to help people.... NOT to tell someone that no one can help you and then tell everyone else not to either. Thanks for your valuable input. 👍

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Help with expediting an ammended return

@Foxforce5  - IME, someone who says they've already had direct one-on-one contact with IRS, and has thereby been offered a course of action to pursue, is well advised to continue on that route as already established rather than being diverted to other course(s) of action. 

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