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New Member

AGI is above my income

This is my first year filing taxes and my first year working. My AGI on both turbo tax online and my tax forms reports my AGI as double my income. when I go back on turbo tax it shows me my actual income for the year being reported and I can't see anything that would bring up the amount? can anyone lead me in the right direction??

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Level 15

AGI is above my income

Look at your federal tax return Form 1040 again.  On Lines 1 thru 7a has the income you entered.  Your Total Income is on Line 7b.  Any Adjustments to Income is on Line 8a with your Adjusted Gross Income on Line 8b.


On which Lines of income, 1 thru 7a, do you see a discrepancy?


Incorrect income being reported is usually because of a mistake made when entering your W-2.  Usually a misplaced decimal point or a comma entered.  Or the W-2 has been entered twice.

You can go back and check your W-2 entries in the Wages & Income section of the program.

New Member

AGI is above my income

The first line is where the discrepancy is. It has the amount immediately listed as more than I actually made. But the only information I ever put in was my w2 which is also the only income listed on the return. I double checked and the w2 was not put in twice. I can't find any information on turbotax that shows anything put in that would increase what my income whatsoever. My only other sources of money were student loans and child support which as far as I'm aware are not taxable and therefore wouldn't be counted in my AGI

Level 15

AGI is above my income

Are there any letters by line 1 like SCH?  SCH by 1040 line 1 Wages  is  taxable scholarship income and the amount




How 1040 line 1 is calculated

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