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2018 taxes

did taxes on turbo tax it said owed nothing to Oklahoma I live in Arkansas know they are sending me papers saying I owe 46000.00

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2018 taxes



No one can even guess at giving a suggestion with the limited info you provided.


1)  "they are sending me papers"    Who?  OK, AR the IRS?

2)  Did you live in AR all of 2018, or did you move from OK in 2017 or 2018?

3)  Did you work in OK at all during 2018?  What does OK have to do with you?

4)  Did you receive some business income from OK in 2018?  Oil leases?  K-1 forms?

5) Are you in the military with a HOR of OK?

6)  Did you sell a property of some type in OK?

7)  46,000?  or 4,600?