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Amendment Issue With Mistaken State Return

I'll try to be succinct.

I filed a non-resident state return and reported as income self-employment services rendered in 2018 but that I didn't receive payment for until 2019. I now know I should have waited but what's done is done.

Since I now no longer have any income at all for the state return I am trying to amend my original submission to recoup the tax I paid. I amended my self-employment income on my 1040 with no issue and told TurboTax I had no other income for that state.

Unfortunately TurboTax is not passing the federal income amount to the state return correctly to eliminate the original revenue from the state return. I've gone through the federal/state amendment menus multiple times and entered "0" for all state sources of income but when the final calculations are made TT is still including the original revenue.


Separately TT is also state "undefined state amended" since I said no further income from any other states so I think I've created a circular logic issue where I'm trying to amend a return for a state I said I have no income for. 


Do I just need to complete this myself on paper manually? TT support told me to download the desktop version which seems like a strange suggestion to me.


Thank you!