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Visitor II

Re: Where’s My Tax Refund? How to Check Your Refund Status

You have answered many questions.  However, you did NOT answer mine.  My granddauihter, a college student, was always included in her father's filing.  For tax year 2016, she was not included and was required to submit her own tax return.  She filed with TURBOTAXIntuit, however, she had missed the electronic filing date, and was directed to mail in her tax return.  THIS SHE DID.   The IRS acknowledged receipt, accepted her return, and thats the last we have heard.   She cannot ask TURBOTAX to determine status since she mailed her return rather than filing electronically.   Is there a telephone number where one can contact the IRS office in Austin, Texas, and determine why my granddaughter has not heard from  the IRS