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Amended Tax Return

Hello all,


I submitted my amended tax return a while ago. I've checked the IRS website and saw that the return was received and processed, and I should have received information about this by June 15th, 2018. I tried to research it to find out if there was some type of waiting period after the process date and didn't find much but the same information over and over again. My question is, if now an entire month has passed since the amendment was processed, seeing as how it's now July 17, 2018, should I still be waiting on the amended check to come to me? Should I be worried and try and contact someone about this ordeal? And who am I supposed to speak to about it all? I've tried calling USPS and the IRS to speak with someone about the matter and I couldn't speak to an actual human being about the ordeal and this is really beginning to become vexing. Is there anyone that can help?


Thank you in advance

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Catalyst V

Amended Tax Return

Since you cannot e-file an amended return, and since they have to be processed by hand, it can take 8-16 weeks before you get your refund check, if any refund is due on that amended return.