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Second Letter from IRS

First timer here at Turbo Tax, I got a new letter at IRS  a second reminder that I didn't pay my dues according to their system. Before this second letter we amended  and fix my mistakes through Turbo Tax system and I print out the papers signed it in and sent it on June 13.  Once we receive the second letter I call IRS phone:18008290922 and asked them why I receive this second letter and they said that it's in their system that I owed them and I didn't pay my dues. I told them that we filed and amendment letter. And the man said that I have to pay my dues until my amendment process is done, I told him, how could I pay that due that I didn't owe, I just made a mistake and I amended it through Turbo Tax. And you give me penalty that I already amended. He said that it is their system,. The penalty  interest is keeping higher each time they sent us the penalty papers. My question is do I have to pay it even though i didn't owe them it's just i mistake that i made the first time i used Turbo Tax.


Melanie Mecoli

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Second Letter from IRS

Here's the bottom line.

If your originally filed return showed that you owed the IRS, that payment was due by Apr 18, 2017. Period. End of story. If you did not pay it, then it is still due. The amended return does not figure into this at this point. Since you have already received two letters, if you do not pay the amount due ASAP, there will be no third letter. instead the IRS will start placing liens on any real property you own, usually starting with your primary residence.

Amended returns are processed by hand since you have to mail them in and they can not be e-filed. It can take 8-16 weeks or longer to process the amended return, depending on it's complexity.

So I would highly suggest you go to and pay NOW. You can deal with the aftermath later. Which aftermath you deal with is up to you; the IRS owing you a refund, or the IRS taking your house.

Yes, I agree it's not right. But that's the way it is. We have to play by their rules, or you *will* lose.

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