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Need copy of 2016 Tax Retun Albert Cooper

I filed Albert Cooper's 2016 Income Taxes with Turbo Tax and I need a copy to file 2017's Income Tax Return but When I search for it on turbo tax, it says that it is not found.  


So this year's 2017 Tax Return has be filed but rejected because I need the AGI from the 2016 Income Tax Return. How do I get the AGI from the 2016 Tax Return


Novella Cooper-Jones

Tax Preparer

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Level 3

Need copy of 2016 Tax Retun Albert Cooper

Either look for the PDF file you should have saved when doing Mr. Cooper's 2016 tax return. If you did not save the return as a PDF,  Install TurboTax 2016 on your computer and have TTax 2016 search for Mr. Cooper's 2016 return.

TurboTax 2017 can import 2016 tax file, but cannot let you see the actual 2016 return.


If this fails, you can still file the taxes by mail.