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Massachusetts state return

My Turbotax return was rejected because Turbotax did not have the appropriate form for solar credit, so I allowed them to send it it without it.

So I started to fill in the return by hand and quickly realized there was a much more serious problem.  Turbotax had failed to notice that Massachusetts exempts income from federal pension plans, etc.  Consequently, I would have paid tax on income unnecessarily!  Obviously, this was partly my fault for not checking but, really.... I find this a pretty shocking omission.  And I'm annoyed that I actually PAID Turbotax to fill out these forms!  Last time!!

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Level 9

Massachusetts state return

The state program recognizes your entries during the Federal program.  After you enter your 1099, and continue on, you come to a screen telling you that certain types of pension income are not taxable in MA, and you are asked to check the source of the money.   None of the above is the default if you fail to check one of the eligible sources.


If you didn't continue on to answer all of the follow up questions after entering your form, or made a mistake in those entries, the pension money was then taxable in the state.