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IRA deadline missed due to financial institution error

My sister made IRA contributions totaling $13,000 divided evenly between her and her husbands traditional IRAs via the TDAmeritrade web app. The app indicated that the transfers were successful.

When the funds were not withdrawn from her bank account, she called TDAmeritrade, prior to the deadline for 2017 IRA deposit, and TDAmeritrade customer service indicated that all was fine and that they could see that the deposit would transfer on a specific date. They said not to worry. She called again a few days later concerned and was told the same thing.

Yesterday she called and they said that they had no record of the transaction and could not make a corrected 2017 deposit because she did not print the page with the transaction. Obviously they had a system glitch. Is there any recourse with TDAmeritrade or ability to petition the IRS to allow the contribution for 2017?

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