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Frustrated Turbo Tax User

I've had an awful experience again with turbotax online. Last year I spent about 10 hours on the phone with technical support when the online version did not include state forms i needed to claim taxes for credits i had filed in other states. They had me download forms from the pc version which forced me to redo my entire taxes. This year i didnt learn and used the online version again. It now includes the state form I needed to claim credit for taxes paid in other states but there is a math erros that is overstating the amount of taxes I've paid and it is modifying the the amounts i paid in these staes. I have manullay added in over 40 states 3 times and it is still not wokring. I spent over 4 hours on the phone last weekend trying to find someone to resolve this issue. I finally found someone who was helpful who reseached the issue and recognized the errort in the sowftware. he was trouble shooting with the tech team and was to call me back last Mon or Tues. I was never called or emailed. I tried again today. The first tech couldnt help and put me into the queue for a call back from the expert an hour later. 3 hours later i received a call from someone not familiar with my issue. I asked her to help me at least print my federal return (which I have paid for) so I can submit it tomorrow. It wont let me print federal and download the file until a pay for state. She was trying to get help on this and we were disconnected and that was the last i have heard from them. I treid to call with the service code that popped up in help. The computer didnt recognize the code i was given (this happened twice), and i couldnt get to a person unless I sat on hold for 70 minutes. I've wasted most of today dealing with this and still need to print and pay uncle sam. I think it's time I look elsewhere for help. The online software is one of the worst products i think i have ever used. Anyone have similar nightmares? 

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