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Form 1098-T

I'm divorced and my ex and I had prepaid our daughter's college tuition for the full 4 years in 2017.  I received the 1098-T and in Box 2, it shows only the first semester tuition, not the full 4 years paid.  I will be claiming my daughter as a dependent in 2017.  Do I get to claim the 1098-T on my tax return, or do I only claim half and my ex claims the other half?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Employee TurboTax Specialist

Form 1098-T

Education credits cannot be split. Since you are claiming your daughter as a dependent, only you can claim the education credit on your tax return. You can take the deduction for the amount you paid and the amount your ex-spouse paid for qualified education expenses


For more information, please see Deduction for Higher Education and this TurboTax FAQ: Can I claim an education credit if my former spouse pays tuition, but the student is my dependent?