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Corrected W-2 Issue

My wife was laid off from her  company in 2017. She was given a year's severance and as such her original W-2 included wages and federal taxes withheld for both her normal salary and the severance. However she was rehired by the same company three months later and was forced to give back that severance. She therefore received a corrected W-2 and that shows the adjusted Wages (Box 1) correctly but there is no corrected federal tax withheld figure. Using the original value for federal tax withheld gives us a MASSIVE refund. When my wife inquired with her payroll dept., they said the form is correct according to their system and that if a corrected value is not provided, to use the original.  Will this mean we get a the massive refund this year and may possible have to give it back next year? Any chance the oversight on their part is our gain considering their unwillingness to send another W-2?

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