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Community property state (Texas) and ACA (Obamacare) health care exemption

Before i ask my question let me explain 2 things that i believe to be true and relevant to my question:


1:  If you are married AND live in a Community Property state (Texas); even if you want to file your taxes separately, you must consider 50% of your spouse’s income as yours. Meaning, if you both were to file separate returns your total income would be identical.


2:  You are eligible for an ACA (Obamacare) health coverage exemption if "the lowest-priced coverage available to you, through either a marketplace or job-based plan, would cost more than 8.16% of your household income. 



Lets assume my total taxable income is $70,000 and my spouse's total taxable income is $30,000. In a community property state (Texas), if we file separate returns that would mean each of our returns would shown $50,000 as income [ ($70,000 + $30,000) / 2 = $50,000 ].


Would that then mean if i wanted to apply for a health coverage exemption for just myself (NOT my spouse) the lowest priced health plan available would have to be $4,080/year (8.16% of $50,000) OR $5,712/year (8.16% of $70,000)?

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