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Change in LLC Status

I'm looking for advice on a change in status with my LLC.

When originally formed in 2009, my LLC had 2 partners.  At the end of 2017, my partner left the LLC and I am now the sole member.  We completed necessary document work to amend the articles of organization to reflect this change in status and they now show I am 100% operational and 100% financial owner.  We have a registered EIN on file.

We previously filed state and federal taxes as the LLC and generated a K1 for each of ourselves. 

I would like to maintain the LLC status.  If it makes a difference, we do pay sales tax to the state for our business.  

My question comes in for taxes for next year - will I still file state and federal taxes and generate myself a K1, or will I no longer file state and federal taxes as the business and instead report as self employment on my personal taxes?  This is in Pennsylvania if that would make a difference.


Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Catalyst V

Change in LLC Status

Your state should continue to recognize the LLC.


However, for federal income tax purposes, the partnership has dissolved/liquidated and the final partnership return should reflect that.  You need to review the rules and necessary computations for the dissolution of a partnership.


As a single member LLC, for federal income tax purposes, unless you elect to file as corporation, then you file a Sch C, as a disregarded entity.  A single member LLC cannot file a Form 1065 - the definition of a partnership means more than one partner.


Here is a link that can lead you to more information.  Look on the left side for further links.


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